Is a sex toy good or bad for couple’s sex life?

Sex toy shops are opened in every city in many countries, no matter in China, America, Europe or Australia, even in some conservative Muslim countries. Many couple’s are glad to bring sex toys into their bedroom, but yet many couples would rather not use any of them. Is a sex toy good or bad for couple’s sex life? I think it all depends, on your marriage, on how open you are, and how you would use it.

Generally speaking, sex toys can bring more fun and excitement to your sex life. However, some would afraid that, as sex toys are so unbelievably powerful, they might just take place of real human being. They are just afraid that their lover would rather use sex toy than to have sex with the real human being. I think if couples use sex toys properly, they would absolutely have no need to worry that their lover would get addicted to toys and never likes human.

As your marriage goes mature and you have been with the same person for many years, I think both of you might get bored about sex, and a little naughty toy could keep things alive and fresh and full of passion.