Where Are the Best China Sex Toy Factories?

It is reported that China produced 70% of the world’s sex toys and 90% of its sex toys are exported to oversease market. Therefore many buyers are sourcing for sex toys from China. Some buyers may wonder how many sex toy factories are there in China and which one offers the best quality.

In China, most sex toy manufacturers are located in industry zones in cities around Hong Kong (like Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou), some are located in cities around Shanghai (like Wenzhou and Ningbo). Besides, there are also some factories around Beijing (like Shenyang). Generally speaking, the sex toy manufacturers near Hong Kong (especially those in Shenzhen) are more experienced in producing sex toys and their quality is solid.

Therefore, unexperience buyers may start their sourcing of sex toys from these places first. We would like to remind that sex toys made in a city named Yiwu is of worst quality. However, as price there is usually veyr low, some buyers might prefer to buy from there too.