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Why Many China Sex Toy Suppliers Refuse Paypal Payment

Many China sex toy suppliers do not accept Paypal as a payment method while they are selling sextoys overseas. This disappoints many buyers who have never dealt with the sex toy supplier before, especially buyers from Europe, American and Australia.

There are two reasons for China sex toy factory to reject Paypal. The first one is that they think Paypal is not safe. They are afraid that after they send out the goods, and the buyers receive order. Buyers would retreat payment they made via Paypal. And the other reason is that using Paypal is very costly for them, as Paypal charges 4% handling fee while China sex toy wholesalers receive money. What’s more, Paypal will charge another USD35 every time when China sextoy wholesalers withdraw money from their account.

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The Advantages To Use Cock Rings

My aboriginal advancement would be a cavernous penis ring. Designed just for brace sex, this small, wearable toy does bifold duty. Worn about the penis and/or the balls, this about adjustable ring is meant to prolong a man’s erection, and adjournment his orgasm, thereby accumulative his pleasure. At the aforementioned time, the accordance plan to activate your clitoris during penetration, a benefit for those who can’t acme through vaginal dispatch abandoned (a not-uncommon occurrence). Plus—double bonus!—this small, attenuate ring looks annihilation like the macho member, so you can casting your worries about browbeating aside.

Where Are the Best China Sex Toy Factories?

It is reported that China produced 70% of the world’s sex toys and 90% of its sex toys are exported to oversease market. Therefore many buyers are sourcing for sex toys from China. Some buyers may wonder how many sex toy factories are there in China and which one offers the best quality.

In China, most sex toy manufacturers are located in industry zones in cities around Hong Kong (like Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou), some are located in cities around Shanghai (like Wenzhou and Ningbo). Besides, there are also some factories around Beijing (like Shenyang). Generally speaking, the sex toy manufacturers near Hong Kong (especially those in Shenzhen) are more experienced in producing sex toys and their quality is solid.

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Is a sex toy good or bad for couple’s sex life?

Sex toy shops are opened in every city in many countries, no matter in China, America, Europe or Australia, even in some conservative Muslim countries. Many couple’s are glad to bring sex toys into their bedroom, but yet many couples would rather not use any of them. Is a sex toy good or bad for couple’s sex life? I think it all depends, on your marriage, on how open you are, and how you would use it.

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How to Start Your Sex Toy Business Online?

Sex toys are mysterious products compared with many other regular products. They could not easily be purchased publicly. In some countries, it is even illegal to sell sex toys. However, there are many people who would like to use a sex toy to bring funs to their sex life. And most of these people would choose to purchase sex toys online.

When there comes consumer, there also comes supplier. A lot of smart merchants then try to set up an online store to sell sex toys. And for those who never engages in sex toy business online, they will face the same problem-how to start up sex toy business online?

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